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Atchison bike share program

The Atchison Bike Share Program was introduced to encourage our community, and visitors, to not only get active, but also to explore Atchison in a new way.

With the help of a grant, Live Well Atchison County was able to purchase 10 user-friendly bicycles that can be “rented,” free of charge at our Partner Operator locations.

What is a
Bike Share?

A Bike Share works just like a library. You are free to “check out” a bike each day. The best thing about this Bike Share is that it is free and for all residents, visitors, and friends of Atchison County, Kansas.

How to use Bike Share


Visit a bike share location

Bring your ID and fill out necessary liability waiver and rental application at one of two Bike Share Locations:

The Santa Fe Depot or

Atchison Family YMCA/Cray Community Center


Pick a bike & sign it out 

Pick out the desired bike and document the bike number back in the office. Your name, number, and rental application will be filed in the office. Locks are also available for rental at no charge.


Return your bike that day

Return your bike back to the office by the end of the day. All bikes are available for rental one business day at a time. If a bike is not returned in time, you will be contacted to return or replace the bike.


Helmets are not provided and are the responsibility of the rider.  Users must also obey the rules of the road, including signaling turns, stopping at stop signs, and riding with the flow of traffic.

Bike Share News

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